The idea

Le Mummarelle Accommodation b&b was born in a sunny summer day while, walking through the noisy alleys, a coloured shape, closed to an old desecrated church, takes the attention of two persons that, driven by curiosity, got closer to watch.
On the location they discovered a charming multicoloured booth with a style between Barocco and Liberty, big almost as a kiosk and softened by green lemon and orange branch.


Behind a marble bench and two unmistakable “mummare” a woman face appears; she has an uncertain age, with flame eyes on a brown face and grey hairs, wrapped in a silk scarf. She was Marietta, the priestess of mummarella. Marietta didn’t sell water, she dispensed it, as an out of time ritual.
It passed from her hands to yours and you felt the life breathe running through the earth and the water together.
While the two enchanted youngs admired her, the woman looked them and with hushed tone and tipical accent she exclaimed:


“At that time Europe wasn’t united yet….. and no one told her some things.
Up to that time she could live quietly: La Mummarella. Now you could tell me that to contain water you have always used those small earthenware jars and it is like that also in nowadays. That’s true, but not for Mummarella, that’s something different. She was created to keep freshed water for us: the ferrata water.


A water with an ancient taste. The Marietta’s Mummarella was everyones’. She gave herself with proud indifference to conquistadors and liberators but no one had never possessed her really.
Fragile material, she resisted proudly to invasions, wars and pestilences.
She faced safely even bombs but, unfortunately, she couldn’t resist to the new world.


So a day Europe arrived and said: refreshments must be taken in appropriate containers and properties and the origin must be indicated.
The ferrata water, hurt and freightened, continued to flow hiding itself, whithout showing itself anymore.
Would you like to know who I am today ? A no identity woman. What’s her name? It doesn’t matter. Her name is not Marietta anymore.
She isn’t a priestess and there is no magic. You won’t get water from her hands anymore. She is only a woman selling drinks… a can.


These were her latest words, than she nodded to say goodbye to the two youngs that, shocked from what they discovered, continued the journey.


From this incredible meeting and from the passion for interior design it was born the idea to realize an artistic place to guest people coming from all over the world and where to keep alive the memory of a symbol of Naples history and that no one talks about anymore.


Which better place, we said each other, than a B&B in Santa Lucia, the area where the famous water flowed, to pass down the tradition of this charming and antique object rich of history through events and art exhibitions: ….. The Mummarella !