Discover Napoli

Itineraries for a walk in the full of life and charming main town of Campania

Mummarelle accommodation has a enviable position in the heart of Naples.

Walking around Naples means to discover a town that has thousand faces, a real corner of paradise between the sea and the hills of tufo, where the huge monumental churches and the historical buildings alternate to witnesses of the most ancient county life of this area whose foundation has been laid over than 2.500 years ago from ancient Greek and Roman colonists.

This beauty reveals itself step by step to the guest’s eyes but at the end it will be able to win everybody with its warmth and amazing vitality.

Leaving from all the structures – santalucia20, santalucia133, santalucia34 e duomo64apartments – it’s possible to reach in fact many of the most touristic attractions of the town.


Santa Lucia is the name of the street where you find the ancient Santuario di Santa Lucia a mare, monumental church dating back to the IX century. The name is used also to indicate the area of San Ferdinando that from Castel dell’Ovo arrives up to Villa Comunale, including as the promenade as well as the closed streets

From our Bed and Breakfasts you can easily walk up as to the Caracciolo promenade, a pedestrian area, as well as to Castel dell’Ovo, an ancient fortified castle of the Megaride island and where the Greek established the antic Partenope.
At the bottom of the castle, with its suggestive legends, a lively touristic port rises, full of restaurants and bars, known as Borgo Marinaro.

From here you can easily reach without public transports the park of Villa Comunale for a relaxing walk under the trees, joining at the same time also fresh air from the sea breeze.

After this we suggest you to walk to the area of Mergellina where you can take a postcard-like-photos of Naples gulf with Vesuvio on the background.


To east, after the delicious view of the sea and, in clear days, of Ischia and Capri, you can easily reach another amazing scene: Plebiscito Square with its monumental facade of the Real Palace of Naples.

Proceeding you can admire also San Carlo Theatre, one of the most ancient and prestigious institution of the world dedicated to opera. Just in front of it you find the Umberto Gallery with its beautiful arcades in Tuscany marble and the iron and glass dome. In this place you can get relaxed tasting a good Neapolitan coffee with a sfogliatella or shopping through the elegant boutique in via Chiaia or Via Toledo.


To know better the true neapolitan life take a visit to Quartieri Spagnoli, popular area just back Via Toledo. This area is characterized from a labyrinth of alleys, stairs and narrow streets overlooked by the “bassi”, a tipical poor family house. In this ambient full of life you will discover the true face of the town.
You will love getting lost and roaming among the many craft workshops and bars where it seems like the time stopped.


After a jump into the suggestive atmosphere of Quartieri, walk to the port where you will find another of the most representative monument of the angioina Naples. We talk about Maschio Angioino, called also Castel Nuovo, with its unique appearance of force even than the first use was of royal residence.
There inside you can admire the Baroni Hall or the Throne with Giotto’s frescos and historical prisons.
The prisoners guilty of the worst crimes ever were held here inside. Under the building, where today there is a museum, the remains of an ancient Roman Villa are almost intacte


Just few hundreds meters to east you can reach Via Duomo. The street takes the name from the cathedral city, where the Tesoro of San Gennaro is kept. Few steps from here you find:

  • Via dei Tribunali, one of the most ancient street city inside the Decumano Maggiore;
  • San Gregorio Armeno, known from all the world because it guests the famous craft workshops of presepi.

If you want to taste the true neapolitan Pizza here around you can find many pizzeria where to sit down and eat the classic round “margherita” or the pizza a portafoglio, the first take away street food of the history.


In the area you can also find:

  • The Basilica of San Lorenzo Maggiore loos out over San Gaetano square, under which many remains of Greeks and Romans were found.
  • The archeological National Museum and the Sansevero chapel where you can admire the amazing statue of Cristo Velato.

Always from San Gaetano square, if you don’t have claustrophobia, we suggest you to take the opportunity to do the guided visit to Napoli Sottorranea, along the walking that covers over the 2 millions of history, from the greek period up to nowadays.