Le Mummarelle Accommodation History

The adventure has just started…

How much passion in Giorgio’s words… How much emphasis in telling his devotion and his admiration for history…. A simple story: the water with an antic flavor passing through the magic hands of “acquafrescaie”, the priestess of mummarella, a symbol that crossed centuries and that characterized a little piece of Naples heart, able to guest and give a bit of itself to anyone needing that.

From here the need to tell a true story, easy and alive, like lady Marietta’s eyes, the Mummarelle’s Priestess.
From here the need to create a comfortable place to offer a coffee and a good hospitality who is coming through our home…. From here the idea to upset and use creativity, flavor and experience: here it is an apartment turned into a charming B&B.
Giorgio gives the image of the young manager who was able to reinvent and adapt himself to the new market realities…. The secret of his success is the ability to discover each time his innate inclinations

His greatest virtue? The attention to details! Expert in construction as for family tradition, interior designer for passion, “guest” for call… Giorgio could join all his experiences and his passions in this new adventure, so much to exclaim, at the end of his story: BINGO!… and his smile broadening talking about his precious and professional staff, about his family, about Riccardo, his grandson, about 20 years old, but dynamic and proactive who stands at him each time, about the mummarelle, the precious jars placed in the middle of the home “living room” to remind the guest that our history is not a game and that Naples can win you heart at each time.

Starting from the first B&B it’s been a booming: the santaLucia20, the santaLucia133, the santaLucia34 and the duomo64 and for who likes a hand sea, villamaria7 in the great Gulf of Policastro.

The Mummarelle Accommodation becomes a group with a desire of growth…

There’s got what we takes….. it will be a nice match, for sure.
Less is more.