Le Sauvage Décorateur

Mummarelle accommodation is confirmed as a place of art and culture.
In our structure, in fact, we guest some of the great collage of Le Sauvage Décorateur, whose artistic production, started in 2015, takes inspiration from Robinson Crusoe.

The hero of Defoe, in fact, after arriving on the island, builds a home using a piece of wood of the sunken ship taken to the river from the undertow. He uses than natural elements found on the mainland to complete his shelter. The palms act as a roof, the coconuts becomes a dinner service, the tropical flowers are a perfect centerpiece.

Robinson is a British that creates a colonial style residence on an island far away from Europe. From here it turns down the philosophy of Le Sauvage Décorateur, unique collages where the certainty of the western world are contaminated from the explosion of tropical colors.

Flora and Fauna invade the city, the buildings, and the rooms giving to Flamingos the opportunity to nest on the roofs of Paris. The giraffes hide behind the mosquitoes.
The Turkish slave of Parmigianino wears a hat made of Banana leaf and the monkeys play hide-and-seek among piles of vintage trunk.
Travel photos, old illustrations of magazines and books found in some missed loft or on some little market stand, become creative patchwork and eclectic pattern to decorate not only house walls.