How to reach us

Santalucia Suite accommodation is located in the same building as the SANTALUCIA20 accommodation, but on the second floor.

The building is located in the historic district of San Ferdinando, inside the village of Santa Lucia, a very central area located between the Caracciolo seafront and Piazza del Plebiscito and well connected to all the main means of transport.

Follow our instructions to reach the accommodations.


From Capodichino airport:

– ALIBUS: get off at the Piazza Municipio stop € 3.

– TAXI: it takes about 20 minutes € 28.


From the central station (Piazza Garibaldi):

– METRO: take the metro line 1 and get off at the Municipio or Toledo stop (about 10 minutes). At the exit of both stations go straight on until you reach Piazza del Plebiscito. Cross the square, proceed straight on via Cesario Console and enter on the right: via Santa Lucia.

– BUS:take bus 151 and get off at the Via Acton stop (Molo Beverello); take the elevator up via Cesario Console (or go up the stairs to the left of Galleria Vittoria), then proceed straight and take via Santa Lucia on the right.

– TAXI: it takes about 20 minutes € 20.

– FROM MOLO BEVERELLO (Port of Naples): exiting from the Molo Beverello, turn left and continue on via Acton up to the Galleria Vittoria, go up with the elevator in via Cesario Console (or go up the stairs, to the left, of the Galleria Vittoria), then go straight on and take the right via Santa Lucia.