Villamaria, located in the Cilento area, is a special place to spend pleasant and relaxing stays.

The structure

The Villa is surrounded by greenery in one of the most evocative stretches of the Gulf of Policastro, near the National Park of Cilento, Vallo di Diano and Alburni. The structure was built with local materials in harmony with its natural environment. The large outdoor area is wonderful, offering different corners where you can be comfortable and enjoy the wonderful views in complete tranquility and in total privacy.

Mode of stay

The Villa is fully rented throughout the year.

what is included:
  • Water consumption, electricity and gas
  • Free Wi-Fi connection
  • Linen change every 7 days
What is not included
  • Meals and drinks
  • Daily cleaning and laundry
  • All that is not in "what is included"

The Location

Situated in a preferred geographical position, few minutes away from main touristic sites, Villa Maria boasts a unique and amazing view to the sea. From here you can drive or ride by scooter or by bike (for who is more trained) to some fantastic beach resorts such as Palinuro, Marina di Camerota, Sapri and outside Campania are, Maratea to enjoy a sea excursion to discover the romantic bays renting a boat or a dinghy.

The beauty of nature in Gulf of Policastro

It’s enough to travel to Mediterranean to understand that the Gulf of Policastro, at the border between Campania and Basilicata, in the National Park of Cilento is one of the most enchanted place in Italy.
A monument to nature that embraces a lovely sea and beautiful hamlets.
An amazing coast including some of the most beautiful Italian beaches
The Gulf of Policastro matches nature, lovely hamlets and a fabulous sea
This place, on the border between Campania and Basilicata, goes from southern Capo Scalea to northern until Punta degli Infreschi and embraces an area rich of diverse and incontaminated nature

Il Golfo di Policastro unisce natura, borghi incantevoli ed un mare da favola. Questo luogo al confine tra Campania e Basilicata va da Capo Scalea a sud fino a Punta degli Infreschi a nord e racchiude un’area ricca di una natura diversificata e incontaminata.

Maratea,the jewels of tirreno

One of most famous towns in the middle of the Gulf is Maratea: you can get lost in its history, traditions and in the culture of some villages that look out the clear waters of Tirreno Sea
Maybe in Italy there isn’t a best panorama. Imagine dozens of indented rocky coastline, stacks, cliffs and soft beaches in front of the most spectacular sea, now open and now closed in small natural harbours similar to docks.

The Gulf of Policastro, a unique beauty

The scene of light, scent and colour of a earth embracing the sea is still today the welcome that the Gulf of Policastro offers to its guests that will never forget the magic of this place
A holiday at Gulf of Policastro means to enjoy a sea that in first and last months of summer time gives the best Almost empty of tourists, like at Ulisse’s time, it offers an unspoiled nature to give to guests a magic and dense of legend place.