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The Mummarelle as an artistic and emotional experience

A simple story: that of a water with an ancient flavor, the one that passed into the hands of the "magical" acquafrescaie, the priestesses of the Mummarella, a symbol that has through the centuries of history and has characterized a piece of the heart of Naples, capable of welcoming and giving, without reserve, a little bit of itself to anyone who needs it.

Hence the need to pass on a true, simple story with vivid eyes, like those of Mrs. Marietta, the priestess of the Mummarelle. Hence the need to create a comfortable place to offer a coffee and good hospitality to those who were, even just passing through our house; hence the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčoverturning and creating with inventiveness, taste and experience: an apartment becomes a Charming Location.

Giorgio represents the typical image of the young entrepreneur who reinvents himself and adapts to new market realities, rediscovering his innate inclinations each time and making these the secret of his success. His greatest virtue, attention to detail, building expert by family tradition, interior designer by passion, "guest" by vocation, Giorgio has been able to combine all his experiences and passions in this new adventure, so much so that he exclaims at the end of his narration: bingo!

And his smile widens when he tells us about his precious collaborators and his very valid staff; of his family involved: Riccardo, his nephew in his early twenties and already at the head of the company, dynamic and enterprising, who supports him in all respects; of the Mummarelle, the precious amphorae, which dominate the “living rooms of all the accommodations”, to remind guests that our history is not a game, and that Naples knows how to conquer you at any moment.

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